About Us

A little background on the website, who we are, and how we came to be where we are today... In our About Us section, we talk about who we are and why we built Clickrum – and how it all started!

About Clickrum

Clickrum is about always being ready to take your education and immigration as seriously as you do, putting it first, and being dedicated to what you love so that you can succeed in life. Because Clickrum realizes that most the citizens today find it difficult to migrate to another country for work, study, and many more. That's why we want to give our members all they need to succeed at whatever they choose! Our goal is always to develop solutions to help citizens of any country to make their dreams come true by providing guidelines free scholarships and how to migrate to any country of your choice to study or work!

Our Story

How it all began! Clickrum is an Online Service that provides a wide range of free and fully funded scholarships, internships and immigration services to any country of your choice. We are very proud to have built such a successful company from nothing, but it certainly hasn’t been easy. But they have all led us to where we are today and given us valuable lessons on how best to serve our customers going forward.

What we offer

Clickrum offers you many free opportunities to study abroad, work abroad, and how you can as well migrate to any country of your choice. We offer the best help to citizens who are looking for a way to migrate abroad to study or work. We provide many guidelines for steps on how you can migrate to any country you like and also we mainly rely on tier-1 countries.

Here are the categories of what we offer:

  • USA Immigration
  • Canada Immigration
  • UK Immigration
  • World Immigration

Our Vision

At clickrum, we set out to solve one problem, worldwide immigration, fully-funded scholarship, and free abroad visa! We have developed a platform that is revolutionary in its design and functionality. Our goal was to create a community where you can not only interact with each other and see ways to migrate to other countries but also be able to share or request new ideas for everyone to enjoy. Our vision is simple; we just want people all over the world with similar interests to connect with each other and see the best way they can migrate to any country of their choice for work and study abroad!

Our Values

Transparency and Honesty - Transparency is one of our core values because it’s important to us that you know what to expect when dealing with Clickrum, and we want you to feel comfortable when sharing your information with us. In order for something like transparency to work in both directions, we have a few guidelines: Our site is secure, and we don’t store any sensitive information about you. We give everyone guidelines on how they can easily travel or migrate abroad for work, and study, and also how to become a citizen of any country of their choice.

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