Work in UK 2022: Top 10 Jobs for Foreigners

If you’re thinking about moving to the UK, then it’s important to know which jobs in the country are going to be in high demand in 2022. By looking at the 10 top jobs for foreigners in the country, you can learn about some of the most in-demand career fields before deciding if you want to move or not.

Work in UK 2022: Top 10 Jobs for Foreigners

If you are considering moving to the UK, 2022 may be a good year to do so. By that time, most of the country’s Brexit-related issues will have been worked out and many companies will have begun the hiring process again after they slowed down due to the uncertainty of the past few years. All 10 of these jobs are projected to experience high demand in 2022 and beyond as well.

So if you want to find a job in the UK that is likely to be around in 2032 (and beyond), this list will help you get started on your search. It’s 2022, and the UK has adopted an open-door policy for foreign workers, seeking to attract talent from around the world in order to meet its growing needs. Here are 10 jobs that might be in high demand.

About Work in the UK

While it’s one of Europe’s smallest countries, there are still plenty of opportunities to work and live in the United Kingdom. With just a little bit of research and planning, you can make your move to the UK smooth and successful. Here are our top tips on what you need to know about work in UK 2022: a guide for working abroad and living overseas.

You’ll need to get a work visa to work in the United Kingdom. For example, if you’re moving there on a skilled worker visa, you may not be allowed to work immediately. That’s why it’s important to know exactly what type of visa you need, and how that will affect your arrival time. Some people have asked us about working as an au pair or nanny while they live abroad. Be careful with these jobs since they could also require specific visas. Make sure you understand all of these details before jumping into a new job!

The top 10 Jobs for Foreigners:

1) Java developer

Java is used for developing a wide range of applications and it's probably your best choice if you're seeking an IT career. For example, Java has already been used to create some of today's most well-known apps, including Gmail, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Many programmers say they’re not just attracted to Java because of its popularity but also because it’s highly portable, meaning that what you build can be transferred or ported from one platform to another without requiring significant changes to how it works.

That makes it one of the most widely used programming languages today! In addition, Java is versatile enough that there are plenty of online resources available for self-learners who want to master its basic concepts.

  • Average salary: £55,381
  • Number of active job listings (as of Dec. 12, 2021): 1,567
  • % of remote job openings: 71%

2) Enterprise architect

Due to Britain’s focus on innovation, new companies, and technological development, it is estimated that enterprise architecture jobs will increase. The average salary is £65,000 to £80,000 (GBP) per year. Working as an enterprise architect means working with businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to established corporations.

You will help develop systems that integrate data across departments and make it easier for people within organizations to share information. If you are currently working as a consultant or business analyst in your home country and have expertise in enterprise architecture, you may be able to transfer those skills into a position here.

  • Average salary: £73,898
  • Number of active job listings: 1,328
  • % of remote job openings: 91%

3) Product manager

For foreign job seekers, product manager jobs are a solid option. A product manager is responsible for meeting and exceeding company goals, as well as understanding customers’ needs and desires. Some of these jobs can be located virtually, but that’s not always an option so it’s important to check before applying.

If you do have a chance to work remotely, you could benefit from tax incentives while living in Europe—just remember to keep your annual income below $70,000 if you plan on claiming them.

  • Average salary: £60,656
  • Number of active job listings: 1,432
  • % of remote job openings: 88%

4) Full stack engineer

As technology moves forward, it becomes more affordable and simpler to start your own tech business. If you’re a software engineer or programmer, there’s no better time than now to work in the UK in 2022. The demand for engineers and programmers is at an all-time high; as a result, engineers are getting paid handsomely.

According to CNBC, starting salaries are up 20 percent from last year at $102,000 per year. Full-stack engineers working in cloud services make an average of $111,000 each year. And those working with artificial intelligence technologies can command well over $200,000 annually if they have relevant skills and experience.

  • Average salary: £47,320
  • Number of active job listings: 1,074
  • % of remote job openings: 92%

5) Data scientist

Data scientists are sought after and paid well to work with large amounts of data, including audio and video files. Data scientists interpret trends and tendencies from large databases in order to provide information that can be used by decision-makers. A few years ago, working as a data scientist was only an option if you had a Ph.D., but today many companies are hiring non-PhD holders with more than five years of experience.

Meanwhile, data science is one of the fastest-growing jobs according to PayScale. In fact, it's predicted that by 2023 there will be more than 200K open positions for data scientists worldwide! So if you're looking to get into tech or analysis (and you want one of those coveted six-figure salaries), a career as a data scientist may be right up your alley.

  • Average salary: £49,449
  • Number of active job listings: 1,011
  • % of remote job openings: 88%

6) HR manager

Human resource managers oversee hiring, training, and employee relations. With a bachelor's degree in human resources management or a related field, you could make $58,500 annually as an HR manager. Learn more about what it takes to work as an HR manager.

While you're at it, be sure to check out these high-paying jobs that have grown significantly over the last decade -- many of which didn't even exist a few years ago!

  • Average salary: £48,443
  • Number of active job listings: 751
  • % of remote job openings: 87%

7) Corporate recruiter

Looking to work in corporate? If you're an ex-pat, there are a number of roles you could apply for. Recruitment is one of them—and it's a great option if you don't want to spend too much time on your feet. With a headhunter on your side, your job prospects are guaranteed and they'll do all they can to find you vacancies that match what you're looking for.

You'll also have access to salary guides, recruitment trends, and market insight. And did we mention job security? With turnover rates as high as 20 percent within some industries, recruiters can build strong careers; not many other sectors can offer that kind of opportunity.

  • Average salary: £46,215
  • Number of active job listings: 877
  • % of remote job openings: 83%

8) HR business partner

In 2015, a report from professional services firm PricewaterhouseCoopers estimated that one-third of HR employees will be replaced by technology over the next 20 years. This is also known as workforce automation or robotic process automation, and it’s based on artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP).

In other words, computers are coming to take over certain administrative jobs currently held by people. At first glance, that might seem terrifying—but AI can also create new opportunities for workers who embrace change. Already, some companies use chatbots to respond to basic customer service requests 24/7.

  • Average salary: £50,000
  • Number of active job listings: 655
  • % of remote job openings: 92%

9) Front-end engineer

Working at Facebook or Amazon is exciting and challenging, but those roles aren’t your only options. Front-end engineers are responsible for designing how a website or app looks to users. To land a position as a front-end engineer you’ll need extensive experience building websites and apps, plus solid technical knowledge of JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, and other programming languages that deal with graphics.

Most front-end developers work independently and don’t work directly with clients; instead, they deliver their work to developers who handle interfacing with clients. To break into technology you may have better luck working at a smaller company where you can impress decision-makers more easily than if you are one among thousands competing for roles at major firms like Facebook or Google.

  • Average salary: £43,803
  • Number of active job listings: 1,529
  • % of remote job openings: 76%

10) Marketing manager

Marketing managers are responsible for implementing a company’s marketing plans. They need to come up with ideas that sell products and services and use their creativity to generate buzz. In particular, you’ll want to make sure that you get your product or service in front of customers and clients as much as possible—and not just on social media (though it certainly helps). Specifically, you’ll need to work hard at reaching out to people directly by doing things like making cold calls or sending out mailings.

  • Average salary: £47,320
  • Number of active job listings: 1,139
  • % of remote job openings: 79%

In Conclusion

There are certainly many ways to make money as a foreigner living in the United Kingdom. Not only will you have to have all of your documentation and paperwork ready, but you’ll also need to complete some sort of qualification or certification. Whether it’s from a professional college or self-taught, preparation is key.

Many countries require that migrants have some sort of education or work experience before they can work there legally, so if there is an option available it would be advisable to take advantage of it; otherwise you may find yourself unemployed and stuck between countries, not sure what direction your life should take.