Apply now for Qatar 2022/23 FIFA World Cup Scholarships and Financial Aid

The 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar is expected to be the most expensive, and most watched sporting event in history. The tournament will be held from November 26th, 2022 through to May 29th, 2023. As with any major sporting event, Qatar has launched a massive scholarship program to assist students in both private and public institutions with their study-related costs.

Apply now for Qatar 2022/23 FIFA World Cup Scholarships and Financial Aid

Qatar’s education system is heavily subsidized by the government and there are many opportunities for overseas students who want to better themselves through education while living outside of their home country or region. If you are a student who wants to get a good education in exchange for your tuition fees, then this blog post is meant for you! In this blog post, we will tell you everything that you need to know about studying at a Qatari university or college, as well as the details surrounding financial aid programs offered by the government.

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The 2022 FIFA World Cup will take place in Qatar from June 21st to July 3rd. It’s a chance for the country to showcase its culture and attract visitors from around the world. The country is also hoping that hosting this global event will help catapult it into the upper echelons of world economies. There are many ways you can contribute to this goal. If you’re interested, read on to learn more about Qatar 2022 scholarship opportunities and financial aid programs.

About the FIFA Research Scholarships

The International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) is the governing body of international football and organizes the World Cup every four years. Sponsored by the beverage company, Coca-Cola, it’s one of the most watched sporting events in the world. The World Cup has been a catalyst for new research and development in many areas, including sports medicine, nutrition, and psychology.

The FIFA Research Scholarships are designed to encourage, support, and nurture academic research in the field of football, with a primary focus on the areas of coaching, analysis, psychology, law, and other related fields. The FIFA Research Scholarships aim to encourage, support, and nurture academic research in the field of football, with a primary focus on the areas of coaching, analysis, psychology, law, and other related fields.

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They are offered for researchers holding a Ph.D. degree or equivalent who are affiliated with a FIFA Member Association as researchers or researchers/coaches. Researchers must be actively conducting research in the area of football and must be affiliated with an association affiliated with FIFA. Researchers must also have conducted previous research related to the area of football and have more than two years of research experience. They are awarded based on the quality of the research and not the amount of time dedicated to it.

Scholarship Summary

Moreover, here's an overview of the FIFA Research Scholarships.

  • Scholarship Sponsor(s): FIFA
  • Host Institution(s): CIES Education, Switzerland
  • Scholarship Type: Fully funded scholarships
  • Study Level: Postgraduate (Masters)
  • Field(s) of Study: Applicants can apply for the FIFA master's program under this award.
  • Scholarship Value: See the scholarship benefits section below for details
  • Number of Awards: 5 scholarships per year
  • Eligible Nationalities: Africans/ international students
  • Deadline: Not specified

Scholarship Benefits

Furthermore, FIFA will provide the scholarship recipients with the following inclusions.

CIES Education will provide five successfully selected students a scholarship to pursue their FIFA master's program. 2 full scholarships of CHF 45,000 will be awarded to African applicants, and one full scholarship of CHF 45,000 will be awarded to alumni of FIFA/CIES International University Network, and two full scholarships of CHF 25,000 will be presented to other eligible applicants.

Eligibility Requirements for FIFA Research Scholarships

Moreover, applicants must meet the following criteria below to be eligible to apply for the scholarship program.

  • Applicants should be an International student of African descend
  • Researchers who’ve already completed their studies and received a university diploma, bachelor’s degree, state examination, Ph.D., or equivalent degree are eligible for the scholarship.
  • Applicants should have a pre-qualification that will enable them to take up a postgraduate study program
  • Applicants should be presented with the required Supporting documents for their applications to be accepted
  • Applicants should be ready to abide by the terms and conditions of the program

Qatar Financial Aid

The Qatar Financial Aid Program provides funding for summer research in Qatar. The program is open to undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral researchers who are non-Qatar nationals and who have completed their doctorate studies no later than December 31. Researchers must also have at least one year of teaching or research experience at the university level.

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The Qatar Summer Research Program funds researchers for projects that are interdisciplinary and cross-cultural. It requires that the researcher be a non-Qatar national who has completed their doctorate studies no later than December 31. Applicants must also have at least one year of teaching or research experience at the university level.

About CIES (International Center for Sports Studies)

The Qatar National Research Institute ( QNRI ) is an agency of the Ministry of Education that was established in 2017. It is part of the Qatar Foundation, a philanthropic organization that works to improve the lives of people in Qatar and around the world. The CIES is a new research institute that will focus on sports science, analytics, and sports business.

The CIES aims to solve challenges that arise in the translation of research into practice. For example, one of the challenges that the research institute aims to overcome is the distance between research institutions and the sports organizations that in turn use research findings. The CIES will also be an effective platform to share knowledge, develop new practices, and foster collaboration between researchers and sports organizations.

Qatar Summer Maintenance Scholarship Program

The Qatar Summer Maintenance Scholarship Program provides funding for an annual stay in Qatar for one academic year (August 1 to July 31). The program is available to non-Qatar nationals who hold a Ph.D. degree or equivalent and have been awarded an assistant professor or associate professor position at a Qatar educational or research institution. You can apply for the scholarship at the Qatar Foundation Scholarship Program website.

Qatar Grant for Students and Researchers

The Qatar Grant for Students and Researchers is designed to support the education of students and researchers in Qatar. The grant is available to non-Qatari nationals who are students or researchers at Qatar educational or research institutions. It’s not available to those who are residents or citizens of other countries. The grant is a grant of QAR 50,000 ($13,800). You can apply for the grant at the Qatar Foundation Scholarship Program website.

Finding Additional Funding for Students in Qatar

There are many ways to fund your studies in Qatar, including grants, scholarships, study abroad programs, and more. Before you take the plunge, do a little research to make sure the program will be worth the investment. Use websites like Study in Qatar to learn more about the opportunity and the funding options available in your area. You can also explore the idea of Qatar scholarship loan consolidation.

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This is a relatively new concept that allows you to combine multiple private loans into a single loan with better terms. For example, if you have $35,000 in student loans, you could get $55,000 worth of consolidation loans with a single application at a website like Student Loan Express.

How to Apply

Meanwhile, you can follow the step-by-step guide below to apply for the FIFA Research Scholarships.

To begin with, please prepare yourself to start the application for the FIFA Master Scholarships & Financial Aid 2022-23, first read the application instructions. To access the FIFA Master Online Application Form, you will need to create a login and password. Before doing so, we encourage you to first read through the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) and to check that you fulfill all the Criteria for Applying. Then, please read the Financial Aid and the Terms and Conditions.

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Once you are sure that you can and wish to apply, please download and carefully read the FIFA Master Online Application Guidelines. Application Documents: You will be required to provide certain supporting documentation (copies of your degree certificate, passport, etc.). You have the option of either uploading these documents (the preferred method) or sending them by regular post. Please download and read carefully the guidelines to upload files. All required application documents are listed on the application instructions

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The 2022 FIFA World Cup is poised to be a huge event for Qatar and for the global sporting community. The country has launched a number of initiatives to foster a culture of sports and encourage participation from all walks of life. If you’re interested in taking part in one of these initiatives, apply for a scholarship and/or financial aid program now.